Forsake (Lyrics)

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Verse One The people had gathered outside the king’s court To hear what Isaiah would say They’ed broken the serpent and leveled the groves And thrown all their idols away They thought God would thank them for doing their part Yet He looked past their deed to their heart.   Chorus Forsake!  Forsake! The thoughts […]

I Know the End (Lyrics)

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Chorus I know the end! It’s news to make me whole It’s joy to fill my soul, It’s life to us my friend I know the end!   Verse One Imagine the disciples huddled in an upper room You see the sleepless eyes and flowing tears You’re hearing what they’re saying that the Lord has […]

Truly (Lyrics)

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Verse One On the road from Bethany, Jesus stopped at a fig tree. Hungry was the Son of God — He looked for fruit, yet found none. He cursed the tree and it died; in amazement Peter cried, “Look, Rabbi! The tree is dead!”  Jesus turned to him and said,   Chorus “Truly, truly, this […]