Nailed to His Cross (Lyrics)

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Verse One

When Abel’s offering cost his life

When Moses struck the stone

When David stole Uriah’s wife

A lamb could not atone


Channel One

But if they could have looked ahead in time

They’d see a spotless Lamb who took their crime



When Jesus took the law’s decree

That said that I was lost

He carried it up Calvary

And nailed it to His cross


Verse Two

I stood before Mount Sinai

And heard God’s Holy Law

It showed me what I really was

I earned the wrath I saw


Channel Two

And when I heard the price I could not pay

Grace took me forward to another day



And when my sins are read on judgment day

I will not plead a thing except to say



Words by Daniel J. Mount | Music by Taylor Garms
Copyright © 2013 The Song Spot, BMI / Tomorrow’s Hymns, BMI